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Curriculum Issues ...

The Standards movement has brought forth many suggestions for curricular reform in America. The sweeping changes recommended for language learning are at once both exciting and, for some, a bit overwhelming.

As a result, many educators find themselves in a quandary as to how to restructure their departments to meet the challenges of the National Standards as well as their own state standards document. John De Mado Language Seminars, LLC can help to steward the process.

  Departmental Cooperation
In order to produce a generation of children to the United States that are functional, at some level, in more than one language, language departments must learn to develop an overall philosophy which is largely embraced by all members. The development of departmental Organizing Principles is critical to this process. John De Mado Language Seminars, LLC can help you to attain your goal of full departmental cooperation.

Curriculum Review/ Development
Meeting the challenges of the National Standards, as well as your own state standards, requires the development of a smooth and effective language delivery system. John De Mado Language Seminars, LLC is prepared to help you review and fine-tune your existing curriculum or to design a new one.

  Early Language Programs
Many state standards documents call for the implementation of early language programs: FLES, FLEX, Immersion, etc. Making the choice of which way to go, how to structure the program and the eventual selling of the program to the community, the board of education and others, can be an overwhelming process. JDMLS, LLC has the proven hands-on experience to help you construct the program of your choice and to help advocate it to those in decision making capacities.

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