About John De Mado Language Seminars …

The focus of the workshops conducted by JDMLS, LLC centers on core language acquisition issues: how the human mind creates language, how to assess language performance, how to include more students in the process, distinguishing between 'proficiency' and 'mastery', the role of 'error' in the language acquisition process, etc.

JDMLS, LLC workshops are 'Socratic' in nature; that is, they are designed to provoke thought, spark collegial debate and serve as a catalyst for change. Their purpose is not to tell the participants how to teach, but rather to engage them reflectively in the 'world of ideas'.

As the name implies, these are 'language' seminars drawn from the discipline of Applied Linguistics, not 'methodology' workshops. A given teacher's methods are only as good as his/her belief system and organizing linguistic principles.

What do you believe about language acquisition? Are your organizing principles linguistically sound?… If not, your methods will expose you ...

"Liberating yourself is nothing... What is arduous is knowing how to be free..."
André Gide, The Immoralist

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