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The seminars conducted by JDMLS, LLC focus on provocative, contemporary language acquisition issues. Each forum is uniquely tailored to respond to those particular needs expressed by the client. The topics listed below are but a small sampling of what we are able to offer to your school or organization:

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Big D raps Social Studies content
U. S. History: Reconstruction
to the Present

  • 90%: How to keep the L2 classroom in the target language.
  • NEW TEKS for LOTE: Meeting the Challenge. (Texas specific)
  • The Principled Approach (TPA) : Developing 'Organizing Principles' for effective language acquisition.
  • Language Acquisition Across the Curriculum.
  • Common Core State Standards and The National Standards for World Languages: What's the deal?
  • Language Acquisition: How the human mind creates and acquires language.
  • Proficiency Vs. Mastery Instruction: Know the difference once and for all!
  • Departmental Cooperation: Achieving consensus among colleagues.
  • Music: How to transmit language subconsciously.
  • Testing and Assessment: Written and oral assessments which support proficiency.
  • Developing a Language-Rich School House: World Language and the 'literacy' movement.
  • The World Language Teacher: Editor or applied linguist?
  • Multiple Intelligence Theory: How individuals problem solve and learn.
  • The National Standards: Tuning your curriculum to meet the challenge.
  • Inclusionary Thinking and Techniques: Expanding candidacy in the language classroom.
  • Developing Early Language Programs: Selling and implementing FLES.
  • Language and Block Scheduling: How to readjust your approach.

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